Steve Krueger


dots Steve Krueger

Steve has been an established graphic designer since he could use a pencil. His maturing love for conceptual graphics and web design began in highschool and flourished into what he is today.


Steve holds a Certificate of New Media Design and Web Development and likes cheese, crackers, and wine (in no specific order).

Kent Williams

Operations Manager/Public Relations

dots Kent Williams

After 5 years of web development and server administration, Kent has embedded his skills within the name of EntityARTS. He currently works alongside top Apple developers and continues his education in the Mac world.


Kent won't deny that PC's are better.......

Dan Branson

Lead Developer/Code Monkey

dots Dan Branson

Working in the web industry for over 8 years, Daniel has compiled quite an impressive resume. With over 5 years of experience in both C\C++ and PHP, his accomplishments are bar none. Dan specializes in backend solutions and software development.


Dan enjoys root beer floats and lots of gravy. lots of it.