Technological Revolution: Saving the World

Our world is dependant on technology weither we like it or not. Pouring a glass of water, chemical filtration controlled by a filter plant. Making a cup of coffee, machine is controlled by electricity and micro processors. Simple things that we take for granted, is what we depend on.


Now, are these technologies for better or for worse? Are the byproducts of our wonderful machines worth the conveniences?


Sure you get to go to work 30 minutes faster with your car without having the hastle of waiting at a bus stop freezing your toes, but is the commute worth spending $10 of gas on your brand new F-350 every day? I’m definately not one to judge at all. I’m guilty of not carpooling when I could have, or turning off the tap when I was pre-occupied with something else.


Would it even make a difference if I did carpool, or save that extra drop of water?

I probably wouldn’t make much of an impact on the environment, but if everyone were to, we sure as hell would. Here are some scary and quite realistic facts.

  • A family of 3 uses aprox. 190,200 litre’s of water a year.
  • On average, a person uses 757 litres of water a day.
  • leaks - even a small drip can add up to 94 litres per day.

So What can I do?
Next time you’re going out, see if anyone else is going to the same place and carpool. If you’re going out of your house for a long time, turn off all your lights and unneccissary electronics that still might be running. Turn off the water tap when brushing your teeth! All these little things do add up, so take your part and ensure that your kids wont have to wear a bio hazard suit growing up.