Microsoft Surface: 5 Reasons why it'll Suck

So if anyone hasn't heard about it yet, Microsoft launched it's new tech toy dubbed Surface. Microsoft Surface consists of a flat, 30", touch-screen table. This innovation allows people to interact with it just by touching and dragging objects on the screen. cool! Users are also able to place digital cameras, cellphones, and other fun electronic devices to be synced with each other. Say I want to put a picture on my cellphone that's from my digital camera that I just took the picture with. I obviously don't want to go to my computer and have to download it and then transfer it to my phone, so I just place the 2 items on the table and viola!


Now, why does this suck? Here are my top 5 reasons:

  • Ergonomics are obviously not part of Microsoft's game-plan. How could anyone sit down and play with this thing for more than 20 minutes before their back aches?! which leads me to my next point..
  • What programs are going to be on this thing to make the $10,000 price tag worth it? All I see at the moment is a new age etch-a-sketch with an added bonus of being able to sync devices.
  • Huge! it reminds me of an old-school pacman arcade machine.
  • The usability seems very intuitive, but I really don't see much value in it other than a commercial value in bars, clubs, malls, stores, etc
  • Sure, this is probably Microsoft's most sexiest devices/pieces of hardware, but come on... the price?! I really hope it drops considerably so I can have one as a coffee table.


I'm excited for it and hope that this will get Microsoft out of it's rut of failed software/hardware. Good luck Microsoft, you'll need it.