Apple News: Busy Month of June

Apple is having a considerably busy month with the launch of their new Macbook Pro, the developers release of Leopard, a new Safari which is in Beta, and the upcoming release of highly anticipated (and quite over-rated) iPhone, not to mention a new website for the Americans (if anyone actually notices). I'll have to hand it off to Steve Jobs who has taken the company and made a turn for the better at $117.50 a share over the past couple of years. So lets recap on all the great goodies El Jobso has given us.


The unexpected but rumoured Macbook Pro with LED backlighting. What a suprise! I'm glad they finally made 2 GB the minimum and finally got rid of those ATi video cards. I have yet to play with one of the new macbook pro's, but I see one in the near future.


The big keynote at WWDC 2007 brought some insight on Leopard. Did anyone else yawn when he was showing all those features that we've already seen on Linux and Gnome for a while? I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and agree that it was a much needed accessory for any mac fanboy. I know I heard the cheering in the crowds at WWDC.


Safari beta 3 is now available on both Windows and Mac OSX. I've always considered Safari to be the equivalent of Internet Explorer 6 on a Mac, but I've heard of some people enjoying the speeds of Safari despite the security issues. I haven't had the chance to test it out yet since my internet wants to run at 500kbps rather than 1.5Mbps... time to phone my ISP!


The iPhone. No suprises here. Just talking about what's to come, what to expect, where it'll be. There was talk about 3rd party development which will feed via your web browser, which I thought was pretty niffty. The lead developer seemed a bit slow on the keyboard.. probably hoping to not screw up. *bites nails*


All in all it looks like it's going to be a pretty good year for Apple as well as one hectic summer. I'm still a PC user at home, but I'm sure I'll jump ship and buy a Macbook Pro for the road. So save up some money, buy some stock, and mabye it'll pay off by next year.