Recycling Computers and Electronics in Vancouver

Environmental sustainability is increasing in Vancouver and a lot of different cmpanies are starting to emerge and embrace recycling. I recently found Free Geek. Free Geek is a non profit community that recycles used technology to provide computers, education, internet access and job skills training to those in need, in exchange for community service. What a great way to bring back to the community. On another note, Hub Consumer Electronics magazine recently published an article regarding the recycling of electronics and computer waste.


According to the Consumer Electronics Association, 70 percent of people are interested in recycling their electronics, but only 30 percent know how. In 2004, Electronic Product Stewardship Canada began to address this concern and is attempting to launch a nationwide program that will make it easier for Canadians to get rid of their e-waste.


In the meantime, pressure is getting placed on manufacturers to deal with the problems their products are producing. Not-for-profit organizations are also trying to help the environment with their own recycling programs, often donating refurbished cellphones to Canadian shelters and third world countries.


Until a nationwide program begins, consumers have three options:

  • contact the manufacturer of your device to see what recycling program they have in effect
  • contact a recycling organization
  • get in touch with your municipal government.

Here are some companies who takes e-waste:


  Cost to you
What they Recycle
Whereto get Info
$30 for 1 box or free with the purchase of a new computer or monitor computers, monitors, iPods.
Free Toner cartidges and click on "The Clean Earth Campaign"
Free Computer and printers and perform a keyword search on "recycle"
Free Epson products email epson at
$13 to $34 per item Any computing hardware from any manufacturer and perform a keyword search on "recycle"
you get $$$ back Laser printers, flat panel monitors, disc and tape storage systems,laptops and desktops with Intel processors. and perform a keyword search on "recycle" to find IBM Express Asset Recovery Solutions
Shipping Printers, all-in-ones and perform a keyword search on "recycle"
Free, plus you get a free 128MB USB flash drive. Laptops, LCD monitors, pocket PCs and perform a keyword search on "TERRE"


So for all of you who have old 486's laying around, get out there and help the environment!