2010 Olympics sport Hydrogen powered Buses

It's great to see a rapidly growing city such as Vancouver take the initiative to go green for the 2010 Olympics. In 3 more years, Whistler and Vancouver will be hosting the 2010 Olympics and to show the world what we can do, we’ve invested in zero emission vehicles which cost $2.1 Million per bus, or about four times the price of the diesel variety.

Recycling Computers and Electronics in Vancouver

Environmental sustainability is increasing in Vancouver and a lot of different cmpanies are starting to emerge and embrace recycling. I recently found Free Geek.

Technological Revolution: Saving the World

Our world is dependant on technology weither we like it or not. Pouring a glass of water, chemical filtration controlled by a filter plant. Making a cup of coffee, machine is controlled by electricity and micro processors. Simple things that we take for granted, is what we depend on.