Vancouver League of Drupalers January 2008: Drupal Theming, Design draft to Theme

For those of you who are interested: collegues Mark Yuasa, Hubert Florin, as well as myself will be carrying out this month's Vancouver Drupalers meeting on how to take a design draft to a functional Drupal theme.


Here's some more info regarding the event:


Join us at 6:30pm on Thursday January 31, 2008 at Raincity Studios (the old Bryght offices) for the Vancouver League of Drupalers January meeting. This month's feature presentation: Drupal Theming, From Design Draft to Theme with Mark Yuasa, Hubert Florin and Steve Krueger of Raincity Studios. They'll talk about the practical tasks involved in bringing your theme to fruition.


We'll also have our regular mini-case study segment and general Q&A on any and all things Drupal.

  • Date: Thursday January 31st, 6:30pm
    Location: Raincity Studios, 1 Alexander Street, Suite 400 in Gastown. [Map]

For those who don't need to leave right away there's typically a more social discussion at a local pub afterwards.


Looking forward to it!