Vancouver PHP Summer Workshop

Vancouver php association is holding a summer workshop for beginners throughout the course of June 28th and August 16th. I'll be attending the July 12th event and hopefully many more. This event will be held at Free Geek Vancouver, a computer recycling depot, on 117 E. 2nd in Vancouver. Hope to see you there!


Borrowed from:

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce beginners to PHP and associated technologies. There is no charge, and these workshops are intended to be an introduction to further study, either through the web, or college/university courses.

I would personally like to invite any women who are interested to attend.

Below is a tentative schedule:

June 28th: Linux, opensource tools and tricks

  • Linux desktop
  • OpenOffice for Document, Spreadsheet and Presentation processing
  • Gimp, dia for graphics
  • Firefox extensions
  • The mechanics behind web hosting and domain services
  • intro to mysql command line
  • intro to an editor in shell (the one I love is vi)
  • Intro to the shell, basic unix commands, cron, shell scripting
  • importance of backup of files and database

July 12th: Web scripting

  • html overview
  • an idea of some javascript, ajax functionality
  • intro to PHP language, syntax
  • phpmyadmin
  • cms's: drupal, joomla, wordpress
  • setup of software packages

August 2nd: SQL basics

  • basic syntax of sql
  • building relationships
  • grouping

August 16th: More PHP be determined

Free Geek Vancouver, (
117 E. 2nd, has graciously allowed us to use their space and equipment to host these workshops.