Ergohuman: Possible alternate for the Aeron?

The Ergohuman chair by Raynor is swiftly gaining popularity in the States due to its close resemblance to the Herman Miller Aeron which dominated the tech industry since 1994. Now, it's not all about the looks.


The Ergohuman, which packs adjustable everything, comes standard with every purchase; unlike the Aeron which requires multiple upgrades. Stouting resembling features found only on the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek, the Ergohuman features an aluminum base with the choice of a full mesh or leather upholstery.

It also features height adjustments in the seat and arm as well as tilt control, depth adjustments, and tension control which is dependant on the users weight.


The chair can be had for around $500-$600 depending on which store. So far I haven't found a retailer that carries it in Canada so I'll be treking to Seattle (for Gnomedex) and hopefully pick one up. I'll post a review after my ass has some time to adjust to the new comfort that I'm awaiting.