2010 Olympics sport Hydrogen powered Buses

It's great to see a rapidly growing city such as Vancouver take the initiative to go green for the 2010 Olympics. In 3 more years, Whistler and Vancouver will be hosting the 2010 Olympics and to show the world what we can do, we’ve invested in zero emission vehicles which cost $2.1 Million per bus, or about four times the price of the diesel variety.


The B.C. government will be bringing in twenty hydrogen buses which will be in Whistler for coastal transportation during the Olympic Games and will be the largest fleet of hydrogen fuel-cell buses on the planet. This five-year project will be a total of $89 million and will be funded by the federal government, the provincial ministry, and BC Transit – which will cover all operating costs.


The first bus will arrive in Victoria for on-road testing in July 2008, while the remaining 19 will be brought in by December of 2009.


Official story at Vancouver Sun