5 Reasons why Blogging can Help your Company

Blogging is a relatively fast and efficient way to provide your clients a channel of communication to everyone in the company... that includes the big cheese. Being able to communicate to your customers lets them know that there are actual people behind the company and not just some mice running on a treadmill making things work.


Now, what will a blog do for your company?


Increased Traffic
If you talk about something relevant, informative, or something people want to learn about, you'll increase the traffic to you site. Increased traffic means increased sales. No one wants to listen about how your weekend was. Give the people something to read about and learn from.


Public Relations
If you're having problems with public relations, or marketing, or mabye just want to get in touch with your clients, a blog is probably the most cost efficient and effective way to do so. Get on the computer and start blogging.


Announcements and Alerts
Moving your servers to a new datacenter? Doing a recall on some cat food? A blog is a great way to inform your clients of whats happening within the company. This doesn't mean you have to spill the beans about how Kyle went out with Shannon last night which lead to a very awkward morning in the office. Talk about what you're doing with the company, what your plans are for the next year and so on.


Don't be a Ghost
As I said previously, let your clients know who you are. The better they know you, the more likely they'll feel more comfortable, the more likely you'll get a sale.


Public Awareness
A great way to increase awareness about your company! Get your name out there and get your company rolling. If you can, have multiple people blogging, this will increase your chances of getting found on search engines. Also, try to make sure your content is similar or related to what you do.


So where do I get my "blog"?
I would recommend finding a reputable host and setup your own blog. This gives you the flexibility to move around to different hosts if you need to expand. A couple of tools are: Drupal, Wordpress, Blogger, Movable Type to name a few.