Vancouver League of Drupalers January 2008: Drupal Theming, Design draft to Theme

For those of you who are interested: collegues Mark Yuasa, Hubert Florin, as well as myself will be carrying out this month's Vancouver Drupalers meeting on how to take a design draft to a functional Drupal theme.


Here's some more info regarding the event:


Citizen Journalism is Vancouver Bound

Citizen journalism is all about participating in providing relevant, reliable, and accurate information to a mass market. Whether it via video or photography, citizen journalism is catching on quickly with major news organizations and starting some new ones in the process as well.


2010 Olympics sport Hydrogen powered Buses

It's great to see a rapidly growing city such as Vancouver take the initiative to go green for the 2010 Olympics. In 3 more years, Whistler and Vancouver will be hosting the 2010 Olympics and to show the world what we can do, we’ve invested in zero emission vehicles which cost $2.1 Million per bus, or about four times the price of the diesel variety.

Vancouver PHP Summer Workshop

Vancouver php association is holding a summer workshop for beginners throughout the course of June 28th and August 16th. I'll be attending the July 12th event and hopefully many more. This event will be held at Free Geek Vancouver, a computer recycling depot, on 117 E. 2nd in Vancouver. Hope to see you there!